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Overview of the PRIME course

The PRIME training course is available to all practitioners who are currently working, or who intend to work in rural practice.

Course Objectives and learning outcomes

The aim of the PRIME course is to prepare rural practitioners for their role as members of the response team in the PRIME system of out of hospital emergency care. The general objectives are to promote to participants the following:

  • Working knowledge of the PRIME system
  • Knowledge of the PRIME principles of planning, teamwork, communication, urgency, triage, training, equipment and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of the PRIME response criteria and prioritisation of incident notifications.
  • Knowledge of the clinical conditions likely to be encountered.
  • The ability to perform systematically in an emergency situation by the use of critical action checks followed by secondary survey.
  • The ability to perform the critical actions required in out of hospital emergency care. These actions may be clinical or concerned with patient management.
  • The enthusiasm and ability to take part in the PRIME response by the application of the above principles and process.
  • An appreciation of the roles, responsibilities and capabilities of the members of the emergency care team.

Practitioners must have completed the PRIME initial course in order to be able to respond to PRIME notifications from St John. PRIME Certification is valid for 2 years after which time a PRIME refresher must be completed to re-certify. There are no pre-course materials provided. A copy of the St John Clinical Practice Guidelines will be given out to all attendees at the PRIME initial course.

Course Costs

The PRIME course is funded by the Ministry of Health and ACC for those who are employed by a medical practice that holds a PRIME contract with St John. The cost to self-fund the course is:

Initial $1966.50 incl GST
Refresher $933.80 incl GST

Please see the information on the course calendar page for more information about course bookings

For all enquiries regarding the PRIME course please email

PRIME initial course – 5 days – Monday - Friday

Day 1
Session 1: Welcome and introduction
Session 2: Introduction to high-fidelity simulation
Session 3: Basic airway management
Session 4: Advanced airway management
Session 5: Advanced circulation management
Session 6: Cardiac arrest management
Session 7: Reflection and preparation for day 2

Day 2
Session 1: Cardiology/Basic arrhythmia review
Session 2: ACS and STEMI
Session 3: Bradydysrhythmias
Session 4: Tachydysrhythmias
Session 5: Skill Stations/Simulations
Session 6: Reflection and preparation for day 3

Day 3
Session 1: Stroke
Session 2: Seizures
Session 3: Diabetic emergencies
Session 4: Anaphylaxis
Session 5: Asthma
Session 6: CORD
Session 7: Cardiogenic Pulmonary Oedema
Session 8: Infection
Session 9: Simulations
Session 10: Reflection and preparation for day 4

Day 4
Session 1: Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Session 2: Trauma
Session 3: Major trauma triage
Session 4: Manual handling, immobilisation and analgesia
Session 5: Major incident
Session 6: Reflection and preparation for day 5

Day 5
Session 1: Communication Centres
Session 2: Obstetrics
Session 3: Paediatrics
Session 4: Agitation
Session 5: Simulations
Session 6: Course wrap-up

PRIME Refresher 1 day – Saturday or Sunday

Session 1: Welcome and introduction
Session 2: Cardiac arrest management
Session 3: Peer discussion
Session 4: CCE updates
Session 5: Simulations

The Refresher also has an online component which is to be completed prior to attending the refresher session

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